Supervisor Training Module 3 – Worksite Effectiveness

£280.00 (price excluding VAT)


 The ECITB’s Supervisor Training Programme is designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of new and experienced supervisors alike.

The full programme is made up of easily accessible modules offering professional development opportunity and essential support to your company’s managers,   operating on all levels and in any engineering construction setting.

Who is the course for?

New and experienced supervisors and first line managers with little previous   training

For graduates, middle managers and others seeking to improve and formalise their knowledge of how to manage people better

Course outline:

  • The relevance of Delivery, Quality, Cost, Working Safely and looking after people to jobsite effectiveness
  • Considering the way you and your team get the job done and the behaviours demonstrated in doing so
  • Recognising the need for change
  • Taking responsibility for the implementation of change
  • Making continuous improvement part of the regular systems and processes
  • Recognising opportunities for improvement through the quality checks carried out
  • Why organisational cash flow is so critical to the sustainability of any organisation
  • Highlighting the most common types of contract used within the industry

Course duration:

2 days


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