Technical Testing

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Technical Tests are the easiest way to ensure that the critical skills of craftspeople and technicians match the demand of today’s engineering industry.

Technical Tests are for competent craftspeople and technicians who require immediate proof of the highly job-specific skills, knowledge and ability in defined task activities.

Technical Testing

Technical Tests are fully aligned with National Occupational Standards, combining the rigid testing of critical skills and knowledge, with a major emphasis on health and safety. A Technical Test provides a quick but current skill snapshot. It’s been called “an MOT on an individual’s current ability.” It might be carried out for various reasons, including contractual requirement or in relation to a specific industry need. Technical Tests focus on related aspects of craft and technical disciplines in two distinct parts: first testing an individual’s knowledge, and second their current ability to perform a specific industry task.

The first part of a Technical Test examines the individual’s specific job knowledge, only then can the practical, skill-based part of the test go ahead, focusing on not just technical skill, but also on the ability to apply the skill safely and efficiently to complete a task in the working environment.

Is a Technical Test a Vocational Qualification?

No, a Technical Test should not be confused with a Vocational Qualification (VQ). The Technical Test is a much more specific and immediate, testing current ability to do a specific task. The task might itself from part of a discipline for which a VQ could be awarded, but completing a Technical Test leads to an ECITB Certificate of Achievement, not to a VQ. In future a Technical Test could contribute as evidence towards a VQ, or form part of the VQ process.

Technical Tests available:  

  • Electrical Installation
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Moving Loads
  • Pipefitting
  • Plating
  • Supporting Engineering Construction Activities
  • Welding Preparation Pipe
  • Welding Preparation Plate
  • Small Bore Tubing

Course Duration

 One Day, from 8:30am – 4:00pm

Course Fees:

£160 + VAT

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