End Point Assessment

We are an Ofqual recognised organisation that offers a professional and responsive EPA service across the engineering sector. From gateway to certification, our team of highly experiences assessors are available to support training providers, employers, and apprentices in their preparation for a positive and successful EPA experience.

Embracing all aspects of Apprenticeship Standards in our delivery of Apprenticeship programmes, The Engineering College recognises the role of End Point Assessment (EPA) in the apprenticeship journey and its significance in helping apprentices to achieve their programme. The End Point Assessment tests the apprentice’s knowledge, skills and behaviours or KSBs, grading each apprentice against criteria set out in the assessment plan.

Our assessment methods are developed from educational standards and assessment plans designed by trade specific industry trailblazer groups. Our assessment materials ensure apprentice knowledge, skills and behaviours are accurately measure to ensure competence within their chosen field.

For the benefit of a fair assessment, all apprentices subjected to an End Point Assessment are matched to an independent EPA that is skilled in the relevant assessment area, to complete the EPA process.

EPA Methods

Portfolio Review

Multiple Choice

Professional Discussion

Scenario based Questioning


Booking EPA:

  • EPA can be carried out at our industry-standard centre with
    availability of classrooms for knowledge tests, quiet spaces
    for professional discussions and fully equipped workshops,
    perfect for practical tests.
  • If you would prefer for EPA to be carried out at your premises
    or an employers, we can also accommodate this option
  • You can book an End Point Assessment in from the initial sign up
    of the apprentice on their standard to up to 3 months before
    the apprentice is due to complete EPA.
  • To book an EPA assessment with the team or for further information,
    please click the button below or email EPA@theengineeringcollege.co.uk
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Pricing Information:

  • Resits or retakes carry their own charges, depending on whether the apprentice has to resit the Knowledge, Practical, Project or Professional Discussion part of the assessment. The full table is listed below for each Standard.
  • The cost does not include any additional costs related to travel, accommodation or any other agreed out of the pocket expenses.
  • The employer – training provider for the apprentice must supply all materials and consumables required for the practical tests and have workshops and additional rooms available for the assessments to take place that meet requirements.
  • For welding standards additional charges may be required to cover any codings required as part of the assessment
  • Where a professional body are required to attend assessments, associated costs for this will be added to the charges
  • The costings are per apprentice, but based on a minimum of 3 apprentices per assessment

Level 3

Metal Fabricator

£1,820.00per apprentice

Pipe Welder

£1,924.00per apprentice

Engineering Construction Pipefitting

£1,508.00per apprentice

Plate Welder

£1,924.00per apprentice