This page offers support for parents, potential students
and current students

Term Dates and Open Days

Term Dates

Easter Shutdown: 11th April

April Re-open: 25th April

May Bank Holiday: 2nd May

May/June Shutdown: 30th May-3rd June

Summer Shutdown: 22nd July 2022

Remote Learning Guidance

Remote Education for learner cohorts

 Apprentice Training

Apprentices are continuing their programs via online learning.
There is a full timetable of taught sessions throughout the week.
Learners on a day release program continue to be timetabled on the same day as they would have been when attending the college.

  • Traineeship Program

Learners enrolled on our traineeship program are continuing their program via online learning.
Learners are timetabled for sessions including engineering theory, employability, and Maths and English.

  • ECITB – ITEC and Scholarship Programs

Learners are continuing their ECITB sponsored programs via online delivery.
Learners are continuing their set programs whilst working remotely, with a timetable of live taught sessions, focussing on Engineering theory.

Virtual Learning Environment

All learners enrolled at the Engineering College have access to our virtual learning environment.
From here, learners can access the Canvas online learning platform, Outlook emails, and their Office 365 suite.
All live remote sessions are carried out through Microsoft Teams, which learners can access via their Office 365 accounts.

All communication with learners will be carried out through their Engineering College email addresses.

Support for students without devices, connectivity, or a suitable environment for learning 

Learners without the opportunity to continue their training remotely for any reason (including lack of equipment, internet connectivity, or a suitable environment for learning), can access the Engineering College Learner Resource Centre on a bookable basis (dependant on government guidance), from where they can access their Engineering College learner accounts and join all online sessions.

Additional/alternative resources can also be made available if required and deemed necessary, for example hard copies of workbooks etc.

Arrangements for students studying courses that require specialist equipment or facilities 

Within their program, most learners at the Engineering College require practical engineering training in our workshops.
During the period in which our workshops must remain closed, learners will be timetabled for the theory-based elements of their program.
All practical based elements of the course will be resumed once deemed safe to do so.

Expectations of learners

  • Learners are expected to be self-motivated and take responsibility for their learning.
  • Learners should be well organised, joining online sessions timely and with the correct equipment in preparation for learning.
  • We expect that learners maintain continued communication with the Engineering College to ensure that we can offer the correct support where necessary.
  • Learners must plan and manage their time accordingly in order to ensure that all set tasks are completed to the required standard and are submitted on time.

Please Note:

During periods of National or Regional Lockdown, guidance around learning in an education setting will be adjusted for remote learning, where blended learning is not possible.
These will be communicated with employers and learners as they change.

Support for Students

Student Charter – We expect our students to:

  • Attend every class
  • Show respect to their tutors and peers
  • Adhere to Health & Safety regulations and policies in college and at site
  • Be dedicated and committed to working hard- putting in 100% of effort from the very beginning of their programme
  • Communicate with our team if they have any issues

We monitor and review attendance, behaviour and performance of all students regularly. We will inform your parents / employer of your absence to ensure that you are safe. Our staff will review your progress through your Individual Learning Plan and support you to achieve your targets.

We can support you in the following areas:

  • Support to help you keep up with your work
  • Support with personal issues
  • Support and guidance with family issues & childcare
  • Support with time management
  • Support with any additional learning needs
  • Support if you have any special educational needs, difficulties or disabilities (SEND)
  • Guidance and signposting on financial issues
  • Guidance and signposting on substance abuse

You can access more information on our Students FAQ page

If you do have any concerns, please contact Jenna on 0151 666 6590.

Support for Parents

At The Engineering College, we treat your son/daughter as a young adult, and have expectations from them (listed in the Student Charter). In return, we provide them with an opportunity to learn from a team of experienced engineering tutors and develop skills for a long-term career in the engineering industry.

We value the relationship we have with our students, employers, parents, carers and guardians, particularly the parents / carers and guardians of students aged 16-18 years old. We actively encourage parents to get in touch if any enquiries or issues arise over the duration of the programme.

You can access more information on our Parents FAQ page

If you do have any concerns, please contact Jenna on 0151 666 6590.

Key Documents and Information

If you have any concerns or would like more information on the support available to students at The Engineering College, please speak to Jenna Armour, at or 0151 666 6590

Safeguarding Students

The health, well-being and safety of our students is very important to the whole team at The Engineering College. Alongside, adhering to Health and Safety requirements and law, we have a duty of care to ensure that you are safeguarded, and that there is a zero tolerance to substance abuse and bullying.

Your safeguarding officer is Jenna Armour.

Your Privacy under the DPA and GDPR

Your Privacy

Our Privacy Policy is available to view on our Policies Page

Our Data Protection Team

As a business, not required to appoint a DPO (Data Protection Officer) or DPM (Data Protection Manager) against requirements set under EU GDPR law, we operate instead with a Data Protection Team to ensure clear communication between data subjects and our team.

This team includes employees in the following roles: Chief Executive, Finance Manager, HR Manager, MIS (Management of Information Systems) and Contracts Manager and Marketing.

To make a Data Protection / GDPR related enquiry, please contact our team at or call 0151 666 1028 for the Data Protection Team.