ECITB Pipefitting Scholarship

Apply now for our new 2 year scholarship in partnership with ECITB!

We have 8 positions available for our ECITB Scholarship rigging programme this September.

What is involved in the programme?

Over two years, learners will gain a nationally recognised qualification whilst receiving skills training on rigging.

Students will gain skills and knowledge five days over two academic years and benefit from the following:

  • ECITB foundation and work based online knowledge test.
  • Gaining a CCNSG Safety Passport to work onsite.
  • Interaction with ECI employers working in the desired industry for a career in rigging.
  • Become trained and qualified in Rigging

What is Rigging?

Rigging refers to the lifting, moving and positioning of extremely heavy objects, beyond reasonable scope of manual handling and outside the reach of material handling equipment. Rigging activities are specialised and require detailed planning and control of all elements due to the inherent range of hazards and therefore require extensive operator training.

Rigging operations often require teams of riggers working cohesively in order to successfully and safely complete the load movement activities often in or around live working plants or during routine maintenance and overhaul of plant and equipment. The moving and lifting equipment is diverse and can include specialist equipment such as skids and rollers as well as numerous types of winches, hoists and cranes of various sizes and design.

Who is rigging suited to?

Often riggers have good communication skills, can make quick decisions, work with precision and have good physical coordination. If you are interested in getting into engineering, this course is ideal for you.

Where could a career in Rigging take me?

This course has been designed by ECITB to meet growing demand for riggers in industry from their network of construction employers. There are good job prospects with rigging and gaining your ECITB qualification will make you more employable. Riggers also work across shipping, logistics, manufacturing and even in the creative industries, setting up and dismantling sets.

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