Oxy Acetylene Gas Safety & Cutting


Accidents involving compressed gases can cause serious injury or even death, this course provides guidance on the safe use of equipment in oxy-acetylene gas cutting techniques and eliminating or reducing the risks associated with moving and storing compressed gas.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at anyone who uses or is responsible for those who work with compressed gas and oxy-fuel equipment at work.

Course Outline

  • Properties of compressed gases: Acetylene, Oxygen, Propane
  • Handling, storage and transportation of gas cylinders: identification, segregation, non-exposure to heat
  • Overview of risk assessment
  • Hazards and misuse of oxy-fuel gas equipment: regulators, hoses, blowpipe
  • Responsibilities of users
  • Safety features and correct use of regulators, hoses, blowpipe
  • Ancillary safety equipment, hose check valve
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Safety rules on the ignition and on shutting down
  • Preparing equipment for use
  • Preparing materials for cutting
  • Cutting practice – straight lines, curves, bevels
  • Set up gouging and gouging practice

Course Duration

2-day course


The Engineering College Certificate


£900+ VAT for up to 3 people

*Additional material costs may be applied dependent on training taking place.