MJI10: Hand Torque Bolted Connection Techniques

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Who is this course for?

This course is intended for employees who are involved in Mechanical Joint Integrity and hand torque bolted connection activity in the workplace.

This course is designed and structured to focus delegates on Mechanical Joint Integrity and the adoption of best practices in ensuring a leak-free ‘right first-time’ joint using hand torque bolted connection techniques

Course outline:

  • Health & Safety – Compliance, Hazards & Risks, Quality Control Procedures, Use of PPE and Care of Equipment
  • Principles of Bolting – Bolt Stress/Strain, Load Deflection
  • Flanges & Joints – Types of Joint, Key Component of Joints, Common Flange Faces, Specialist Joints, Flange Condition, Flange Identification
  • Fasteners – Basic Thread Information, Nuts & Washers
  • Gaskets, Gasket Definition, Correct Selection of Gasket, Gasket Materials
  • Sequences – Sequence for Tightening Various Flanges
  • Torque Tightening – Torque Definition, Bolt Strength, Lubricants, Conditions of Bolts Nuts & Studs
  • Dismantling & Reassembly of a Range of Flange Types Using Torque Tightening Methodology

Course Duration:

1 day (08:30am – 4:00pm)

Course Dates:

Thursday 9th June

Monday 1st July

Monday 01st August

Thursday 01st September

Monday 03rd October

Thursday 02nd November

Monday 05th December


£200 + VAT per person

Please Note:

*Organisations associated with ECITB may be eligible to apply for grant funding
* This course must have 4 delegates to run.
* With Sufficient numbers, this can be run upon request
at times and dates to suit the client