Confined Space: New Entry


This is designed for companies whose employees may be required to enter areas that are classified as confined spaces and where there may be a risk of serious injury or death. This course will include the UK HSE Confined Space Regulations 1997 to the Current ACoP-Third Edition and the JOIFF Confined Space Standard 2011 which is mapped to the relevant OSHA & NFPA codes with other Industrial best practice. This course has been designed as an initial for delegates or as a refresher for those with previous  experience to go into confined spaces and which have been risk assessed as low/ medium or high.

Course Aim:

  • provide awareness of a safe working environment within a confined space and to make staff aware of safe procedure;
  • ensure a safe access and egress from a confined space and to have emergency procedures in place in the event of an emergency arising whilst operators are working in the confined space;
  • enter and work safely within the confined spaces, using the necessary and appropriate equipment in a safe and effective

Course Outline:
During the 1 to 3 days, delegates will learn the following core skills in theory & practical sessions:


  • Confined Space Legislation
  • Specified Risks
  • Safety Supervisor Duties
  • Hygiene
  • Types of RPE
  • Task Analysis
  • Definitions of Confined Space
  • Risk Assessment
  • Confined Space Risk Assessment
  • Rescue & Self-rescue
  • Entry and Egress Procedures
  • Recording & Testing
  • Ventilation
  • PTW & PTE
  • PPE
  • Dangers of Confined Spaces
  • Safety Harnesses


  • Emergency Donning of Escape RPE
  • Winching Operations
  • Rescue Procedures
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Entrapped Procedure

Entry Requirements:
Current Confined Space Low/Med & Water/Top Man Qualification or – Experienced in house trainer who requires Re-Certification. A desire to move into training and working towards a national qualification in adult vocational training.

Participants Information:

  • Each participant must be aged a minimum of 18 years or above and be medically certified before
  • Required to enter and work in a Confined
  • Employees who have certificates older than 3 years or require refresher
  • Employees who wish to be supervisory or in a more senior position

1 to 3 days, depending on assesses training need – consisting of theory and practical training delivered at any suitable premises. A condition of the course is that a Risk Assessment of the premises where it is intended that the training will take place and will be carried out by HSEC Services to ensure its suitability and safety for the days for experienced Confined Space Workers & Supervisors and consisting of theory and practical exercises. A condition of the course is that a Risk Assessment of the premises where it is intended that the training will take place will be carried out to ensure its suitability and safety for the training.

The validity of certification issued to participants who have been assessed as competent in this course will be valid for 3 years. Following successful completion of the assessed course personnel in confined space teams should train together at regular intervals of sufficient frequency to maintain competence. This training should include exercises that simulate conditions that may occur on the site for which they are responsible. This training should also include realistic emergency rescue simulations relevant to the site.

Price upon Request

Please Note:
A maximum of 10 participants can be accommodated on this course
Bookings for this course cannot be made online- please call a member of our Commercial Team on 0151 666 0318